Unlocking New Dimensions with Spatial Biology

A new eBook

Biology is complex and happens on many different scales — individual molecules, cells, tissues, and organs.

Spatial multiomics helps scientists unravel the mechanisms underlying cellular functions and disease processes by building a spatial atlas of health and disease, one tissue compartment and single cell at a time​.

Check out our new eBook to learn about the rapidly changing field of spatial biology and how NanoString’s GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler and CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager can be used in your lab.

  • Learn the basic technologies behind spatial transcriptomics and spatial imaging and how proteomics can be layered on to get same-slide spatial multiomics
  • Find out which type of spatial biology platform is best suited for your research question
  • Read a case study summary of a NanoString customer publication on glioblastoma featuring data taken with the GeoMx DSP and CosMx SMI

Let the spatial experts at NanoString help you map the universe of biology.

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