Navigating Women’s Health: Spatial Insights – European Series


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As part of our webinar series dedicated to Women’s Health Awareness Month, this episode features the work done by Laetitia Lecante from University of Aberdeen on sex-dimorphism in the prenatal human mammary bud transcriptome.

Using GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler, she investigated the regulation of sex-specific development of the human prenatal mammary bud. In this study, Laetitia analyzed region-specific transcriptomes to provide novel data on the regulation of sex-specific development of the prenatal mammary bud. Overall, her research project aims to gain a better understanding of sex-dependent human prenatal development of the mammary bud.

Following an introduction and overview of the GeoMx DSP technology by Daniel Blakeway, Field Application Scientist, this webinar will exemplify how scientists use GeoMx DSP and rare tissue samples to resolve tissue heterogeneity and the complexity of microenvironments.

We will also be joined by Visiopharm who will demonstrate how you can leverage Oncotopix® Discovery AI-driven software to enhance tissue segmentation, speed up the ROI selection process, and overall reduce pathologist time.

In partnership with:


Laetitia Lecante

Post-doctoral fellow , University of Aberdeen

Daniel Blakeway

Field Application Scientist, NanoString