CosMx™ Custom Protein Barcoding Service

Helping Your Research

Expand your discovery further with high-plex CosMx™ Protein Assays with the CosMx Custom Protein Barcoding Service. Off-the-shelf CosMx Protein Assays currently enable up to 64-plex for protein imaging on CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager (SMI). Now researchers can use the Custom Protein Barcoding Service to barcode up to 8 antibodies of interest for use with CosMx Protein Assays.

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How It Works

Workflow diagram: Antibody selection => CosMx PBS => Confirm Protein Optimization => CosMx Protein Assay

Unconjugated Antibody Selection and Validation

Make sure to choose targets that are abundantly expressed to achieve a strong and specific signal. In addition, choose an antibody that has been recommended or has been validated for immunofluorescent (IF)/ immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays by the antibody provider, preferably in the same antigen retrieval buffer as used in CosMx Protein assays (citrate buffer, pH 6.0).

Antibodies must be provided in carrier-free buffer and free of BSA, gelatin or cell culture supernatant. While antibodies in glycerol-containing buffers can still be used for conjugation, overall conjugation efficiency may be affected. Addition of sodium azide is recommended to avoid potential contamination during storage.


Specificity Screen



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