CosMx™ Mouse Neuroscience Protein Panel

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The CosMx™ SMI Mouse Neuroscience Protein Panel enables high-plex spatial analysis of up to 68 proteins from a single FFPE slide at subcellular resolution, and is designed to provide robust cell typing as well as information about key post-translationally modified proteins and extracellular protein targets. Capture the complexity of Alzheimer’s brain using the panel’s comprehensive Neural Cell Typing and Alzheimer’s Disease content.

How It Works


Analyze 64 targets plus 4 dedicated cell segmentation markers on a single slide


Leverage best-in-class cell segmentation algorithms for accurate single cell proteomic analysis


Capture information about key post-translational modification (PTM) and extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins


Customize with up to 8 additional protein targets of your choice

Validated Assays Ready for Use

All CosMx Protein Assays undergo extensive antibody validation to ensure high-quality data. This validation process ensures that every antibody has appropriate specificity, sensitivity and overall performance.

process diagram
Cell Segmentation
Biology-Specific Cells
Cell Segmentation

Cell Segmentation

The CosMx™ Mouse Neuroscience Protein Panel leverages best-in-class cell segmentation algorithms for advanced cell segmentation and cell typing.
Biology-Specific Cells

Biology-Specific Cells

Dapi Iba1 CD68 TMEM119 GFAP Dap12 P2ry12 NeuN

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