Virtual GeoMx® DSP User Group Meeting

Virtual Seminar

We invite you to join GeoMx® DSP experts around the globe for our upcoming GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler User Group Meeting!

The GeoMx User Group Meeting provides a collaborative forum for researchers using NanoString’s biology-driven high-plex profiling platform in their specific fields of study, fostering an enriching exchange of knowledge and experiences. Throughout the session, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with peers, glean insights from experts across diverse fields, and depart with refined data analysis best practices. Elevate your scientific journey by joining this dynamic community, where the pursuit of knowledge and collaborative innovation takes center stage.

8:00AM PST4:00PM CETWelcome & Introduction to GeoMx DSP, Kyla Teplitz, Associate Director, NanoString Technologies
8:20AM PST4:20PM CETSpatial Analysis of 3D models, Deniz Bakkalci, Clinical Trial Coordinator, University College London
8:45AM PST4:45PM CETSpatial Data Analysis tools and applications, Prajan Divakar, Director of Product Management, NanoString Technologies
9:10AM PST5:10PM CETClosing Remarks

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned GeoMx user or just getting acquainted with the technology, this meeting is the place to be. Our UGMs offer a unique opportunity to connect with peers, expand your know-how, and discover how the GeoMx platform is accelerating spatial biology research across disciplines. Together, we are creating a scientific community of spatial experts pushing the boundaries of discovery, defining standards and unlocking new insights.

The GeoMx DSP Workflow. A GeoMx experiment involves four steps: Sample prep and staining, imaging and profiling (probe collection), counting (with either an Illumina sequencer or the nCounter Analysis System), and analysis.


Kyla Teplitz

Associate Director of Product Management, NanoString

Deniz Bakkalci

Clinical Trial Coordinator, University College London

Prajan Divakar, Ph.D.

Director, Spatial Systems, NanoString Technologies