Spatial Biology 301: Automation series – Now available on demand


This webinar series with GeoMx partners Leica, Visiopharm and Illumina highlights the augmented capabilities that can be streamlined in GeoMx workflows: from sample prep, to ROI selection to library prep.

Webinar 1:
Automated Staining Protocol with BondRX Leica 


Charlie Glaser

Research Associate III, NanoString, a Bruker Company

Jasheka Lee

Field Applications Specialist II , Leica Biosystems

Webinar 2:
AI driven image analysis and ROI selection with Visiopharm 


Regan Baird

SVP Research Commercial Strategy Deployment, Visiopharm

Assya Legrini

Post-doctoral fellow, University of Glasgow

Webinar 3:
High plex spatial multiomics automation by NanoString


Alyssa Rosenbloom, PhD

Alyssa Rosenbloom, PhD

Associate Director Research, NanoString

Margaret Hoang, PhD

Director of Research, Nanostring