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CosMx SMI GeoMx DSP Spatial Biology

Single-Cell Spatial Surpasses Single-Cell Sequencing

Modern biology research is deeply interested in discovering the fundamental mechanics that operate within an organism of interest. Since the fundamental unit of all living organisms is the cell, it…

Geoffrey Hummelke / May 11, 2023
The first fully integrated single-cell spatial biology solution

CosMx SMI Spatial Biology Spatial Transcriptomics

What’s New at Nanostring for 2023: The Arrival of the First Fully Integrated Single-Cell Spatial Solution

One of the interesting hallmarks of celebrating the start of a new year is the consumption of special foods. For example, in the American South Hoppin’ John, or black-eyed peas,…

Melanie Peffer / December 15, 2022
Green-outlined cells on a dark background, with pink/purple splotches in each cell

CosMx SMI Spatial Molecular Imaging Spatial Transcriptomics

Spatial Multiomics Single-Cell Imaging Platform to Explore FFPE Tissues with Spatial Context

What is Spatial Multiomics? Spatial multiomics describe the ability to locate and quantify DNA, RNA, and protein in the three-dimensional space of a tissue. Decades of research have built a…

Geoffrey Hummelke / September 6, 2022

CosMx SMI Multiomics Spatial Analysis

What is Single-Cell Imaging?

Why is a Single Cell Important? Cells are a fundamental unit of life. A comprehensive understanding of how cells organize themselves in different layers of information to form tissues is…

NanoString / August 2, 2022
Spatial Transcriptomics

CosMx SMI Multiomics Spatial Analysis

Spatial Transcriptomics Overview

What is spatial gene expression? Spatial gene expression examines transcriptional dynamics through the lens of location within tissue and/or transcriptional dynamics between unique cells within a tissue. With spatial gene…

NanoString / August 2, 2022