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Rendering of oncology proteins

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GEP Signatures Unleashed: The LST for Diffused Large B-Cell Lymphoma, DLBCL, Subtyping and Its Expanding Applications

Gene expression profiling (GEP) signatures, comprising sets of genes characteristic of specific diseases, tissues, cell types, cell states, or biological perturbation, hold significant diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic value, positioning them…

Espy Anguiano / October 31, 2023
Oncology protein rendering

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TIS GEP: Use Cases in Sample Stratification, Assessment of Treatment Effect, and as a Component of a Multivariate Biomarker

Introduction to the TIS Gene Expression Profile Innovations in multiplex gene expression analysis are revolutionizing translational research and clinical practices by enabling identification of gene signatures involved in various biological…

Espy Anguiano / October 10, 2023
PAM50 GEP Signature A medical female worker is holding a pill.


Utility of PAM50 GEP Signature as a Biomarker for Exploratory Endpoints in Drug Discovery and Development

The Need for Gene Expression Profiling Gene expression profiling has emerged as a genomic tool that can help decipher the complexity of cancer subtyping. Conceptually, cancer is a fairly simple…

Espy Anguiano / August 9, 2023


What is Comparative Oncology and Why Has it Gone to the Dogs?

Deciding which model system to use to answer biological questions is a critical choice in research. Many human diseases occur naturally or can be reproduced in animals. Depending on the…

Alicia Lane / May 2, 2023
Rendering of oncology proteins


Five Key Milestones in the History of Research in Cancer Biology

On a cold snowy day in late November 2016, I sat with my father-in-law at the infusion clinic in the local hospital. I was visiting Pennsylvania for my mother-in-law’s funeral.…

Melanie Peffer / May 5, 2022
Rendering of oncology proteins

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New approaches to CAR-T therapy

What is CAR-T cell therapy? In the fight against cancer, immunotherapies that enlist and strengthen the power of a patient’s immune system to attack tumor cells have revolutionized treatment paradigms.…

Nirupama Deshpande / January 18, 2022

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T-Cell Receptor Diversity…What Are You Missing?

The T cell receptor (TCR) is one of the distinguishing molecules of the adaptive immune system. TCRs allow mammalian immune systems to recognize and respond to foreign entities (pathogens, vaccines,…

Trena Cormier / November 15, 2021
Breast cancer rendering

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Breast Cancer: Best practices for using GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler

It’s October and breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer kills more women than any other type of cancer. It isn’t just limited to women either – a man’s lifetime breast…

Melanie Peffer / October 15, 2021


What is the Next Frontier in Cellular Therapy?

In early June 2021, NanoString and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI) announced a multi-center collaboration to characterize 800 CAR-T samples in a unique and concerted effort to understand…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / July 26, 2021


A “Tail” of Two Species: New Canine Immuno-Oncology Research Offering

NanoString has an unparalleled and longstanding tradition of developing best-in-class cancer research tools, thanks to an extensive knowledge accumulated in a decade of interrogating all aspects of the disease. Last…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / March 1, 2021

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Of Mice and Men: The importance of Mouse Models in Research

Many animals share common biology with humans, are affected by similar diseases, and may have a comparable response to certain treatments. Animal models are thus useful to address scientific questions…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / February 8, 2021
cat and dog


NanoString Proudly Introduces the new nCounter® Canine IO Panel.

It may have happened to you, as it happened to some of us here at NanoString®: the furry, four-legged trouble-making family member you just can’t stay mad at is sick,…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / January 5, 2021