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Digital Spatial Profiling

What is the principle of immunofluorescence?

Immunofluorescence staining was first used in 1942 and has since remained a highly reliable and powerful technique for a wide range of research and diagnostics. The principle of immunofluorescence is…

Nirupama Deshpande / July 4, 2023
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Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP

What is a morphology marker?

Understanding tissue morphology is crucial to identify and separate regions of tissue into meaningful biological groupings for image analysis of tissue sections. This is done using morphological markers, most of…

Nirupama Deshpande / July 2, 2023

Digital Spatial Profiling

How to download data from the human protein atlas

The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) is a Swedish-based program initiated in 2003 and has become an important resource for both basic and clinical research. It is one of the largest…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 30, 2023
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Digital Spatial Profiling

What is digital spatial profiling?

The function of biological systems depends on the spatial organization of their cells. Over the past decade, innovative technologies have emerged that can spatially localize and quantify gene expression of…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 25, 2023

Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP Spatial Transcriptomics

FFPE Genomics: a Portal Into the World of Transcriptomic Research?

The emergence of spatial transcriptomics, with its ability to generate highly detailed maps of gene expression with spatial context, is revolutionizing biomedical research, particularly in developmental biology, cancer, immunology, and…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 21, 2023

Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP

GeoMx DSP: What’s in an ROI?

In the field of medical imaging, the region of interest (commonly abbreviated as ROI) is an area within an image that is selected for a particular purpose, including defining boundaries…

Nirupama Deshpande / March 21, 2023
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Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP

The Birth of Spatial Genomics

NanoString catalyzed the spatial biology revolution in 2019 with the launch of the GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP), but did you know that the beginnings of this nascent field go…

Elizabeth Schneider / February 13, 2023
Spatial Transcriptomics

Digital Spatial Profiling Multiomics Spatial Analysis Spatial Transcriptomics

Spatial Multiomics Identifies New Actionable Therapeutic Targets

Pancreatic cancer represents 3% of the overall cancers in America and yet is responsible for 7% of all cancer deaths. The five-year relative survival rate – the cancer-related death rate…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / October 4, 2022

Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP Spatial Transcriptomics

A new map for our anatomy: the Spatial Organ Atlas

One year for spring break, we found ourselves in Portland, Oregon. For science-y people, a trip to Portland would be incomplete without a visit to the Oregon Museum of Science…

Melanie Peffer / June 13, 2022
Rendering of oncology proteins

Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP nCounter Oncology Spatial Transcriptomics

New approaches to CAR-T therapy

What is CAR-T cell therapy? In the fight against cancer, immunotherapies that enlist and strengthen the power of a patient’s immune system to attack tumor cells have revolutionized treatment paradigms.…

Nirupama Deshpande / January 18, 2022
3d model of a neuron

Digital Spatial Profiling nCounter Neuroscience Spatial Transcriptomics

Neurodegenerative disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

The idiom “to lose one’s nerves” is literally true when it comes to neurodegenerative disorders. These disorders are characterized by the progressive loss of disease-specific neural populations in the brain…

Nirupama Deshpande / December 6, 2021

Digital Spatial Profiling Spatial Biology

The Importance of Segmentation in Spatial Biology

In a highly interconnected world, clear communication and information across the globe are critical. The same is true at the tissue and cellular levels. Cells communicate through chemical signals such…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / October 29, 2021