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GeoMx® DSP Spatial Proteogenomics datasets now available on Illumina® BaseSpace™ Sequence Hub

NanoString and Illumina have collaborated to release two new demo datasets of GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) data on the Illumina BaseSpace Sequence Hub (BSSH) cloud.  Spatial proteogenomics enables new…

Megan Vandenberg, Margaret Hoang and Sophie Wehrkamp-Richter / September 14, 2023

CosMx SMI Multiomics Spatial Analysis

Unveiling the Inner Lives of Cells: A Spatial Look at Cell-Cell Interaction

Cells are the building blocks of all living things, from single-celled organisms such as bacteria to multi-celled organisms like whales. At the most basic level, though, all cells function in…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 8, 2023

Multiomics Spatial Analysis Spatial Transcriptomics

Integrated Spatial Multiomics Deconvolve Multicellular Dynamics in Pancreatic Cancer

In an extraordinary team effort led by the Center for Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School, in collaboration with NanoString, scientist Will Hwang and colleagues used integrated spatial multiomic and…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / October 25, 2022
Spatial Transcriptomics

Digital Spatial Profiling Multiomics Spatial Analysis Spatial Transcriptomics

Spatial Multiomics Identifies New Actionable Therapeutic Targets

Pancreatic cancer represents 3% of the overall cancers in America and yet is responsible for 7% of all cancer deaths. The five-year relative survival rate – the cancer-related death rate…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / October 4, 2022
Researchers reviewing data on monitor

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Spotlight on Spatial Informatics: Overlay of Structurally Profiled ROIs on Tissue Images with SpatialOmicsOverlay R Package

Spatial biology is changing the way we view biology. Advancements in spatial biology are now enabling us to compartmentalize a tissue in terms of cells, tissue structure, or disease state.…

Maddy Griswold / August 8, 2022

Multiomics Spatial Analysis

Spatial Transcriptomics at the Single-Cell Level

Is spatial transcriptomics single-cell resolution? Yes. Recent advances in the field of spatial transcriptomics have made it possible to visualize RNA transcripts at the resolution of a single-cell and, in…

NanoString / August 3, 2022

CosMx SMI Multiomics Spatial Analysis

What is Single-Cell Imaging?

Why is a Single Cell Important? Cells are a fundamental unit of life. A comprehensive understanding of how cells organize themselves in different layers of information to form tissues is…

NanoString / August 2, 2022
Spatial Transcriptomics

CosMx SMI Multiomics Spatial Analysis

Spatial Transcriptomics Overview

What is spatial gene expression? Spatial gene expression examines transcriptional dynamics through the lens of location within tissue and/or transcriptional dynamics between unique cells within a tissue. With spatial gene…

NanoString / August 2, 2022
Spatial Organ Atlas Kidney

Multiomics Spatial Analysis

Why is Spatial Genomics Important?

Why is Spatial Genomics Important? Spatial genomics is important because the human body is a complex three-dimensional structure. That structure is an important part of our molecular physiology. To fully…

NanoString / August 2, 2022
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GeomxTools: An Open Source Package for Spatial Biology Data Analysis

Spatial biology is the new frontier of molecular biology that has revolutionized the study of gene and protein expression. Until recently, expression patterns were obtained via bulk sequencing or single-cell…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 20, 2022

Multiomics Spatial Analysis Spatial Transcriptomics

GeoMx® DSP Integrated with Sequencing Run Planning for NextSeq 1000/2000

Illumina and NanoString® collaborated further to pair the GeoMx® DSP with NGS readout from Illumina sequencing instruments. This partnership enables scalability and high throughput of whole transcriptomes and protein abundance…

Margaret Hoang / May 16, 2022