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We call ourselves NanoStringers, and we bleed green! We proudly believe in the science and technology we make here.

Meet us. You will love us!


Ph.D., Senior Global Marketing Manager, Seattle

“It’s amazing – NanoString is a place where you can grow, and people respect each other. All the technology is developed in-house and makes me proud to work here— I believe in what we are doing.”

WHY did you choose a career in science?

Why science? Elizabeth had a lot of mentors in science. Her favorite teacher is a high school AP Chemistry teacher, who she still meets for lunch in Tucson when she visits home.

She is also encouraged by her grandma Mary Schneider, who studied to be a nurse. “She inspires me a lot and continually attempts to understand things; I aspire to be like that. There’s so much to learn, and so much we don’t know,” she shared.

WHY NanoString

At NanoString, we like to say we have a culture that Bleeds Green. What exactly does that mean? Bleeding Green is a state of mind about being passionate about our company’s vision to map the universe of biology. It’s about being all in, loving what you do and the people you work with. It’s about living our core values and committing to excellence.

Elizabeth Schneider, Ph.D., Senior Global Marketing Manager, exemplifies what it means to bleed Green and shares her experience with joining NanoString and working here.

New Job. New City. New Home.

Elizabeth went to school at the University of California, Berkeley, for her Ph.D. and started her career in technical sales. But, after a few years, she was ready for a change. So, while on the hunt for something new, she discovered a sales role at NanoString and decided to interview.

Elizabeth’s interview was scheduled for Friday the 13th, which is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. But that was not the case for Elizabeth, who shared, “this day ended up being a very lucky day for me— actually the best day after being offered the job, which ultimately turned out to be the best decision in my life!”

With a job offer on the table, Elizabeth had to decide whether she would stay in California or move to Seattle. “After a tour of the Foundation Building, I was blown away— there was a lot of cool whiteboarding and new ideas, ultimately sealing the deal. I needed to be where the action was,” she said. Shortly after that, Elizabeth accepted the job and moved to Seattle to work at Headquarters.

“It’s amazing – NanoString is a place you can grow, and people respect each other,” she said. “And all of the technology is developed in-house and makes me proud to work here— I believe in what we are doing.”

She took a risk, picked up, and moved to a new city with no friends or family. “Now, NanoString is my professional home and a home for me in Seattle,” she shared after nearly five years.

After working as a Regional Account Manager (RAM) for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, Elizabeth moved into Marketing in the Fall of 2018 as the Global Marketing Program Manager for nCounter panels in immunology and oncology. Since then, she has transitioned to working on GeoMx marketing as a Senior Global Marketing Manager, handling the creation and logistics for digital content, webinars, tradeshows, product launches, and promotions.

Undaunted Optimism

Over the years, Elizabeth has made lots of friends and fun memories working at NanoString. “I wake up excited to work for NanoString and am passionate about my job. “Life is short, an adventure, a journey, and there is so much to try and do and consume, so many things to learn, know and study,” she said.

Fun fact. Elizabeth can speak, read, and write Hindi and cook Indian food from scratch.

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