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Stories of Remarkable Technological Advances at AGBT 2020

The Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference celebrated its 20th-anniversary event this February, and what a dramatic range of advances have occurred in our field since the first meeting!…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / March 30, 2020
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The Innovative Way Metabolic Pathways Panel is Being Used

Liver disease encompasses multiple conditions preventing the liver from functioning. These conditions are often associated with altered metabolic pathways including altered glucose and lipid metabolism. in 2019 NanoString® awarded a…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / March 16, 2020
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Readers’ Favorite Webinars: A Year in Review

NanoString webinars allow you to sit back, relax and listen to a leader in the field talk about his/her research and/or answer your questions.  They have always been a crowd-pleaser,…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / March 2, 2020
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Digital Spatial Profiling

Redefining Precision: Why Spatial Resolution Matters

Functional annotation of gene and protein expression is a crucial step in deciphering cellular mechanisms. Traditional transcriptomic and proteomic assays are done in bulk, where RNA and proteins from different…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / February 17, 2020
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Of Inflammasome and Tauopathies in Mice and Men

Tauopathies are a class of neurodegenerative diseases characterized by the aggregation of tau proteins in neurofibrillary tangles in the human brain. These proteins are associated to microtubules and are found…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / January 27, 2020
Tissue analysis

Digital Spatial Profiling Miscellaneous

SITC 2019 may be over, but the era of Spatial Genomics enabled by the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler has just begun.

The curtains have fallen on SITC 2019—the 34th annual meeting organized by the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer—but excitement amongst the participants remains high after five days of knowledge exchange…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / December 10, 2019
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Immunotherapy in Tumors: Integrated Information to Outsmart Cancer

If it wasn’t such a devastating disease, there would be memes about how super-smart cancer is. Cancer cells can express neoantigens — tumor-specific, mutated peptides — that, when processed and…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / December 2, 2019
Checkpoint inhibitors

Digital Spatial Profiling

Spatial Profiling using the GeoMx RNA Assay for NGS Readout: Robust Technology for Identification of Novel Biomarkers and Early Detection of Melanoma

Early diagnosis of melanoma is critical for improved clinical outcomes and survival of patients. Yet disagreement in traditional histology-based diagnosis frequently occurs.  Despite currently available molecular technologies, melanomas characterized by…

Hiromi Sato / November 19, 2019
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A Transcriptomic Solution Customized for Your Every Need

The flexibility of the NanoString nCounter® platform has been designed to accommodate a wide range of organisms, molecular targets, and sample inputs. Researchers can request “made-to-order” Custom CodeSets for up…

Amal Katrib / November 11, 2019
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Digital Spatial Profiling Miscellaneous Oncology

Meet NanoString Scientists at the AMP 2019 Annual Meeting & Expo

When Elaine Lyon, Ph.D., a scientist on the board of the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) was asked why she is involved with AMP, its activities and initiatives, she quoted…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / November 4, 2019
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Top Challenges of Biofluid Samples when Profiling FFPE miRNA Biomarkers

In 1993, Dr. Victor Ambros’ lab discovered a small RNA sequence, Lin-4, that was “essential for the normal temporal control of diverse postembryonic developmental events in C. Elegans”. Sequence analysis…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / October 21, 2019
Background with hearts, lungs and kidneys


The bench side of organ transplant: Challenges and solutions

“It is infinitely better to transplant a heart than bury it to be devoured by worms,” said Dr. Christiaan Barnard, the father of the heart transplant. It’s hard to disagree…

Laura Tabellini Pierre / October 7, 2019