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Author: Nirupama Deshpande

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Digital Spatial Profiling

What is digital spatial profiling?

The function of biological systems depends on the spatial organization of their cells. Over the past decade, innovative technologies have emerged that can spatially localize and quantify gene expression of…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 25, 2023


Immunofluorescence Staining: An Overview

Immunofluorescence staining is an incredibly powerful yet simple imaging technique that optically detects the localization, distribution, and abundance of proteins at a cellular and intracellular level using fluorescent tags on…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 24, 2023
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Digital Spatial Profiling

Understanding how gene expression orchestrates cellular organization within tissues is essential to gain mechanistic insights into development and disease. Spatial transcriptomics allows capturing of transcriptional activity along with positional context…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 23, 2023

Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP Spatial Transcriptomics

FFPE Genomics: a Portal Into the World of Transcriptomic Research?

The emergence of spatial transcriptomics, with its ability to generate highly detailed maps of gene expression with spatial context, is revolutionizing biomedical research, particularly in developmental biology, cancer, immunology, and…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 21, 2023

Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP

GeoMx DSP: What’s in an ROI?

In the field of medical imaging, the region of interest (commonly abbreviated as ROI) is an area within an image that is selected for a particular purpose, including defining boundaries…

Nirupama Deshpande / March 21, 2023
Geo location

Data Analysis Multiomics Spatial Analysis

GeomxTools: An Open Source Package for Spatial Biology Data Analysis

Spatial biology is the new frontier of molecular biology that has revolutionized the study of gene and protein expression. Until recently, expression patterns were obtained via bulk sequencing or single-cell…

Nirupama Deshpande / June 20, 2022

Spatial Biology Spatial Molecular Imaging Spatial Transcriptomics

How Do I Choose the Right Spatial Biology Technology?

What is Spatial Biology? The rapidly evolving field of spatial biology investigates the spatial location and organization of gene expression in situ within each cell and structure of a given tissue sample.…

Nirupama Deshpande / March 28, 2022
3d model of a neuron

GeoMx DSP Neuroscience Spatial Biology

What is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy? 

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease affecting people who have suffered repeated concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). CTE was first described in 1928 by Dr. Harrison…

Nirupama Deshpande / March 14, 2022
Rendering of oncology proteins

Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP nCounter Oncology Spatial Transcriptomics

New approaches to CAR-T therapy

What is CAR-T cell therapy? In the fight against cancer, immunotherapies that enlist and strengthen the power of a patient’s immune system to attack tumor cells have revolutionized treatment paradigms.…

Nirupama Deshpande / January 18, 2022

Neuroscience Spatial Biology Spatial Transcriptomics

The Neuroinflammatory Puzzle of the Autoimmune Disease Multiple Sclerosis

What is Multiple Sclerosis? In 1868, a German physician Leopold Ordenstein and his mentor Jean-Martin Charcot, published a work that fundamentally changed our understanding of the disease Multiple Sclerosis1. For…

Nirupama Deshpande / December 22, 2021
3d model of a neuron

Digital Spatial Profiling nCounter Neuroscience Spatial Transcriptomics

Neurodegenerative disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

The idiom “to lose one’s nerves” is literally true when it comes to neurodegenerative disorders. These disorders are characterized by the progressive loss of disease-specific neural populations in the brain…

Nirupama Deshpande / December 6, 2021

nCounter Neuroscience Spatial Transcriptomics

Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology: Fear, Confusion, and the Search for a Cure

Alzheimer’s disease pathology: a short sentence loaded with fear, confusion, and incredulity. The word “Alzheimer’s” first appeared in a German psychiatry handbook called “General Psychiatry” on July 15, 1910. This…

Nirupama Deshpande / November 22, 2021