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Common questions in molecular biology: What are types of cell-cell interactions?

Much like bees or ants, cells are inherently social. Also like various hive-based insects, the social nature of the interactions are important for dictating function and well being of the…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 15, 2023


Common questions in molecular biology: Why do we need biomarkers?

What does it mean to be healthy? If you go in for a regular wellness appointment at the doctor’s office, how does the doctor assess if you are healthy? Wellness…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 14, 2023
Green-outlined cells on a dark background, with pink/purple splotches in each cell


Common questions in molecular biology: What can biomarkers tell us?

As we go about our day, we are surrounded by indicators. Our clocks tell us the time. Ovens will reveal their current temperatures and alert us when they’ve reached their…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 13, 2023
Detail of a syringe needle in a vial

CosMx SMI Spatial Transcriptomics

Common questions in molecular biology: What are the most common biomarkers?

If you stopped someone on the street and asked them to give you an example of a common biomarker, you will more than likely be met with silence. However, if…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 12, 2023


Common questions in molecular biology: What is an example of a biomarker?

It’s time for your yearly wellness visit with your doctor. It’s the same thing every year. They check your weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse. Perhaps you have to…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 9, 2023

CosMx SMI Multiomics Spatial Analysis

Unveiling the Inner Lives of Cells: A Spatial Look at Cell-Cell Interaction

Cells are the building blocks of all living things, from single-celled organisms such as bacteria to multi-celled organisms like whales. At the most basic level, though, all cells function in…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 8, 2023
Green-outlined cells on a dark background, with pink/purple splotches in each cell

CosMx SMI Spatial Transcriptomics

A Spatial Twist on Biomarkers: Using Spatial Transcriptomics for Biomarker Discovery

Anyone who studies biology knows that living systems are highly complex, sophisticated entities, often containing redundant processes. Sorting out the mechanisms at play in any biological system is therefore aided…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 6, 2023

Spatial Biology

Situating Single Cell RNA-seq in the Context of Multiomics

Cells, the building blocks of all life, are built from biological molecules such as proteins and RNA. Biological molecules perform all the functions of living cells, from DNA replication to…

Geoffrey Hummelke / June 2, 2023

CosMx SMI GeoMx DSP Spatial Biology

Single-Cell Spatial Surpasses Single-Cell Sequencing

Modern biology research is deeply interested in discovering the fundamental mechanics that operate within an organism of interest. Since the fundamental unit of all living organisms is the cell, it…

Geoffrey Hummelke / May 11, 2023

Spatial Biology

Morphology Markers 101: Enabling Spatial Multiomics

Remarkable advances in spatial multiomics have been made in the last several years, with companies like NanoString introducing automated instruments capable of imaging, quantifying, and localizing RNA and protein expression…

Geoffrey Hummelke / May 11, 2023


What is Comparative Oncology and Why Has it Gone to the Dogs?

Deciding which model system to use to answer biological questions is a critical choice in research. Many human diseases occur naturally or can be reproduced in animals. Depending on the…

Alicia Lane / May 2, 2023

Digital Spatial Profiling GeoMx DSP

GeoMx DSP: What’s in an ROI?

In the field of medical imaging, the region of interest (commonly abbreviated as ROI) is an area within an image that is selected for a particular purpose, including defining boundaries…

Nirupama Deshpande / March 21, 2023